About Us

The KIDS ON THE BLOCK are a special group of ‘kids’. A unique troupe of almost life-sized puppets, they act, think and feel just like real children. Each one has definite likes and dislikes, talents and limitations, hopes and fears. And like real children, some have physical, mental, medical or emotional differences or disabilities and some do not.
Since 1983, the internationally recognized educational program called KIDS ON THE BLOCK has been delivering its message on disability awareness and acceptance to students in the Ottawa-Carleton area. Designed to teach children from grades Kindergarten to 6 what it is like to be disabled or different, this entertaining yet thought-provoking puppet show strives to heighten awareness and promote more positive attitudes towards those who are different, and therefore is a step in helping to prevent bullying and promote anti-bullying.


We are a community awareness program that is associated with the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre.The puppeteers are volunteers using a Bunraku style of puppetry, which provides information to the students through the performances and an informal question and answer period. This exchange, between the puppets and the audience, allows a frank and humorous communication of facts and feelings.  Attached is a testimonial from one of the schools visited.