Kids on the Block Ottawa has received the following feedback from our performances:

  • “The kids were spellbound by the puppets. What a great way of teaching awareness rather than just talking about disabilities.” Grade 6 Teacher
  • “The program is very worthwhile and worth seeing over and over again!” Grade 4 Teacher
  • “The script nailed it… How it has been for me living with a disability for all my life.” Elementary School Student
  • “I liked the way you incorporated student participation with your skits; good clear explanation of disabilities and with answers to questions; you spoke in ‘children’s language.’” Grade 5 Teacher
  •  “We liked the colourful puppets, the animated, humorous dialogue, the audience participation and the honest, straight-forward answers.” Grade 3 Teacher
  • “You present the disabilities in a way that is respectful and it makes the children want to learn more about disabilities. Thank you.” Grade 2 Teacher
  • Kids on the Block Visits Lombardy Public School